About the owner of The Wildflower Boutique!

Hello I am Tiffany Simons I’m the owner of the wildflower boutique! I am from a small town in northern Minnesota with a population of less than 5000 people! My Boyfriend and I live in a home with 4 dogs, 4 chickens, 2 ducks and a gecko out on our 13 acres of land and wouldn’t change it for the world! I am very active and absolutely love the outdoors and farm life! I Opened The wildflower boutique online as of April 1st of this year and has now been expanded to a new storefront in my local town! Clothing has always been a passion of mine and the best part about what I do is being able to allow people to express their true styles through clothing colors, patterns, and new styles!

My motto for The Wildflower is let your style grow wild and free and I love to allow people with that outlet through stylish and affordable clothing! If you ever have questions don’t hesitate to ask, I am very personable and absolutely love what I do so answering questions is a part of that! Thank you so much for reading about me and thank you for supporting me in helping to live my day dream! ❤️